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Cape Town Couple's Harrowing Leopard Encounter in Bosobogolo Camp

Published March 24, 2024
1 months ago

A Cape Town couple, Gavin and Jill Allderman, lived through a nerve-wracking encounter with a leopard while camping at Bosobogolo camp in the heart of the African wilderness. The trip started under the oppressive heat of early March, but nothing prepared them for the night's chilling events.

After enjoying a serene sunset and a traditional braai, they settled in their rooftop tent atop their Hilux, only to have their peace interrupted by the presence of a carnivorous visitor. Initially mistaking the predator for a cheetah, Gavin quickly realized the gravity of their situation as the animal set off the motion sensors and slinked beneath the vehicle.

The lurking danger turned grave around 1:30 am when the leopard attempted to climb into their tent. In a life-threatening debacle that ensued, the couple resorted to their bare hands and whatever objects they had—pillows and books—to fend off the determined, though severely weakened, wild cat.

Their ordeal lasted, it seemed, an eternity until the leopard retreated. Wounded from the scuffle, Gavin's hand was only seriously cut in one spot—a stroke of luck amid the perils they faced. Bloodied and shaken, the couple drove off, fumbling for safety and struggling with post-traumatic stress.

When dawn broke, they sought medical help and reported the encounter to the authorities. Their experience underscores the unpredictability and inherent danger present in untamed environments.

Gerrie Camacho, a renowned carnivore scientist, analyzed the incident, attributing the couple's survival to the leopard's debilitated condition. He offered insights into common risks posed by wildlife and prevention tips, including having a small axe handy—a tool Gavin regretted not bringing along due to a newfound false sense of security from the rooftop tent.

This incident serves as a gripping reminder that venturing into the wild, while captivating, demands respect for the raw, unpredictable force of nature.

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