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Ukhozi FM's Mroza Buthelezi Supports Education Through Thumumlilo Foundation

Published February 28, 2024
3 months ago

In an inspiring act of giving back to the community, Nonhlanhla "Mroza" Buthelezi, the beloved presenter of the Vuka Africa breakfast show on Ukhozi FM, has demonstrated that one's origins do not determine their destiny, but they can fuel a passion for changing the lives of others. Through her Thumumlilo Foundation, Mroza has sent ripples of hope across the dusty paths of Gingindlovu, her native village in northern KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), marking a paradigm of benevolence and aspirational development.

On a poignant visit back to the terrain of her formative years, Mroza extended a helping hand to the learners of her alma maters, Dokodweni Primary School and Amatigulu High School, through a generous donation of more than 50 school uniforms on Friday, February 23. Her personal connection to these institutions speaks volumes of a legacy that speaks a universal language: education is the cornerstone of a prosperous future.

With a partnership established with the Hollywood Foundation that recognizes the transformative potential of Mroza's grassroots interventions, the Thumumlilo Foundation has taken strides toward becoming a bulwark for youth education and fostering skill development within these rural communities.

Undeterred by the logistical challenges that often blanket rural schools in a shroud of neglect, the Foundation has cultivated another campaign to enlighten the youth on the plethora of career opportunities awaiting them beyond the village confines. Women in these communities are not left behind; they are receiving support to pursue short courses in diverse fields, such as agriculture, while young men are provided with the means to acquire driver's licenses.

Furthermore, demonstrating a holistic vision for community development, the Thumumlilo Foundation has instituted the All Rise Legal Career Development program. In partnership with legal firm A.G Ngobese Incorporated, the initiative is tailored to demystify the legal system for learners, edging them closer to a society where law and justice are not mere abstract concepts but tangible career pathways.

In reflecting on her journey, Mroza, alongside her partner DJ Sgqemeza, acknowledges the pivotal role the schools played in her upbringing. Grounded in the understanding that her foundation serves as a lifeline to a brighter future for many, there is a palpable sense of commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds entrusted under the care of rural institutions.

This ongoing project leaves a profound imprint—a testament to the power of leading by example and the significance of giving back to the community. Nonhlanhla "Mroza" Buthelezi's dedication to Gingindlovu and her drive to elevate the educational landscape in rural KZN carve an indelible mark of leadership, compassion, and hope.

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