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Cape Town's Identikidz Project Brings Peace of Mind to Beach-Going Families

Published December 27, 2023
7 months ago

The City of Cape Town's child safety initiative, Identikidz, has proven to be a resounding success in the first week of its operation, reuniting 38 children with their families on some of the city's most populous beaches. This innovative project offers a simple yet effective solution to a problem that can quickly turn a family's beach day into a nightmare – children getting lost amongst the crowd.

During the festive season, Cape Town's beaches become hotspots for locals and tourists alike, often becoming so bustling that the risk of children being separated from their families is significantly high. Identikidz seeks to mitigate this risk by providing children with identifying wristbands that contain essential contact information to facilitate quick reunions with their parents or guardians if they should become separated.

The Sentinel has reported on this project's impressive impact, noting particularly high participation numbers on beaches like Muizenberg, with 3,264 children tagged, followed closely by Strandfontein and Strand with 3,092 and 2,473 respectively. These numbers reflect just how much of a nerve-wracking issue lost children on beaches can be for parents. To put into context, during the previous year, 19,110 children were tagged, leading to nine successful reunions.

Parents are encouraged to actively engage with the Identikidz project. Patricia van der Ross, the Mayco member for community services and health, emphatically advises all parents planning a beach visit to register their children at the Identikidz desks. “It’s safe, brings peace of mind and makes it so much easier to link children with their families should they become separated or wander off,” she commented. The ease of the process and the safety it provides makes it a no-brainer for parents wanting to ensure a stress-free day at the beach.

The project has several participating beaches across Cape Town. With more festive days ahead, including public holidays and school breaks, the Identikidz initiative is set to have an even larger impact. As the city prepares for heaving crowds, the message from the City is clear: visiting one of the beaches? Get your children tagged.

In addition to offering some peace of mind to beach-going parents, local deals within the city aim to add to the festive season's attraction. Among these is an enticing offer for an adrenaline-pumping Quad Bike experience in Atlantis, bringing more value to visitors and locals alike looking to enjoy Cape Town's many attractions.

As the festive season continues, the City's authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to prevent tragedies and ensure the safety of children on the beach. They call upon each family's participation, underlining the simplicity and effectiveness of the Identikidz program. The combined efforts of the community and the authorities contribute to a safer and more enjoyable holiday experience for everyone involved.

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