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Spring Tide Alert: NSRI Urges Vigilance as High Tides and Rip Currents Pose Risks

Published December 26, 2023
7 months ago

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), a pivotal entity in maritime and aquatic safety in South Africa, has sounded an urgent alarm in light of the anticipated spring tide on Wednesday, 27 December. Tied to the lunar cycle's full moon, this intense natural occurrence is projected to produce not only higher than usual high tides but also significantly lower tides and enhance the strength of rip currents—a notorious hazard along the South African coastline.

Craig Lambinon, a seasoned spokesperson for the NSRI, has exercised this opportunity to call for increased watchfulness and responsible behavior from all groups enjoying coastal and marine activities. These groups compromised not only bathers but also boaters, paddlers, sailors, anglers, and coastal hikers. Emphasizing the dynamics of the forthcoming tide, Lambinon pointed out the rarity of the event and its potential to amplify the existing dangers of the sea.

The NSRI's advice is unequivocal: swimming should be undertaken only at beaches under lifeguard surveillance. Lifeguards provide an invaluable security layer, with their presence significantly reducing the likelihood of drowning incidents. This recommendation comes amidst the NSRI’s broader campaign for water safety, merited by an uptick in aquatic emergencies, including those occurring inland—which reminds us that tides may not pose a threat to inland waters, but caution around any body of water remains paramount.

The efficacy of the NSRI's pink rescue buoys cannot be overstated. Strategically stationed across coastal and major inland water locations, these apparatuses have played a crucial role in saving lives. Their recent record, as mentioned by Lambinon, consists of 176 individuals rescued, highlighting the life-saving impact that these buoys and community awareness can have.

Lambinon proudly reflects on the 100 percent success rate of in-water rescues achieved through these buoy deployments, where no rescuers faced danger or injury while assisting those in distress. It is an impressive testament to the training, safety equipment, and procedures put forth by the NSRI to protect both lives at risk and those undertaking the rescues.

In its mission to mitigate risks during this heightened period, the NSRI continues to stress the importance of collective conscientiousness around water. This call to action, geared to ensure the well-being of local communities and visitors alike, resonates strongly as the holiday season sees an influx of beachgoers and enthusiasts seeking to enjoy South Africa's beautiful coastal gems.

As the spring tide peaks approach, the NSRI remains a vigilant overseer and educator, promoting the foundational practices of water safety and encouraging the public to embrace a mindset where caution and preparedness go hand in hand with water-based enjoyment.

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