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South African Mother's Tractor Trek of Hope Raises R100,000 for Daughter's World Championship Dream

Published December 25, 2023
7 months ago

In a display of indomitable will and faith in her fellow countrymen, Corne Els traversed South Africa on an old tractor, transforming her desire to fund her daughter's trip to a world championship into a remarkable narrative of companionship, hope, and national camaraderie.

Undeterred by the biting chill of the South African midwinter, a determined Els embarked on a rural machine that had been motionless on their farm for half a decade. Setting out from Krugersdorp, on the west of Johannesburg, she undertook a daunting 13-day trek that spanned a distance of 1,796 kilometers all the way to the Western Cape.

The tractor-borne odyssey was not just about covering the miles. It was about braving adversities such as the nation's recurrent power outages, widely recognized as load-shedding, the specter of gender-based violence, and the escalating cost of living. Even against this backdrop, South Africans from various walks of life unfolded a tapestry of affection and solidarity, providing Els with meals, fuel, moral support, and the emblematic South African embrace.

Their efforts coalesced into a remarkable R100,000 raised, fulfilling the financial component required for Marconette to partake in the tug-of-war world championship in Switzerland. The achievement is emblematic of the collective spirit; strangers metamorphosed into lifelong friends and the bonds within Els's family fortified.

This stirring tale goes beyond monetary accomplishments. Els, a mother of three, saw this journey as a beacon of life lessons and an enduring hope for her children. The incredulity that initially greeted her decision gave way to a robust support system that backdropped her every mile.

In an era when hope can sometimes appear in short supply, Els's adventure rekindled a sense of optimism and trust within the community. "Our people are hungry for communication" became a mantra as she traversed the country, reflecting a widely-felt yearning for connection.

The tangible outcome of Els's journey was also the personal growth experienced by Marconette. The young athlete returned from the championship and subsequent visit to Italy, not just with a commendable ranking but also with newfound wisdom and maturity.

Buoyed by her success and the revelations of her journey, Els is not resting on her laurels. She has joined a veteran tractor club that undertakes charity work and is already onto her next project. The forthcoming endeavor is to raise funds for Marconette's tug-of-war team to participate in the next big event in Kimberley.

Through this inspiring story, a farming mother showcased an often underrepresented aspect of South African life: the ability to come together for a common cause, reflecting a rich ethos of ubuntu — a belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

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