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Hungarian PM Orban Discusses Ukraine Conflict and US Support with Ex-President Trump

Published March 12, 2024
2 months ago

In a revelation that could have far-reaching implications in the geo-political landscape, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed that former US President Donald Trump would withhold financial aid to Ukraine were he to be re-elected. Orban, in an interview with Hungarian state broadcaster M1, shared details of his meeting with Trump in Florida, underscoring the former president's firm stance on the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Viktor Orban, who has been a controversial figure in European politics due to his cordial relationship with the Kremlin, discussed various bilateral issues, including border security, with Trump. Despite the focus on their meeting, Trump's campaign statement did not address the Ukraine situation. The Hungarian Prime Minister, who met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in October despite the ongoing war, has consistently advocated for a ceasefire and the commencement of peace talks.

Orban's comments cast a shadow over the United States' ongoing policy towards the conflict in Ukraine. The current administration under President Joe Biden has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine, regularly providing military and economic aid to help the country defend itself against Russian aggression. Orban speculates that without American financial support, the European countries alone would not sustain the costs of the war, possibly leading to its end.

The Hungarian leader praised Trump's vision and suggested that a potential return to power for Trump could significantly change the dynamics of the war, which recently entered its third year. Trump has announced his candidacy for the November presidential election, bringing his foreign policy stances back into the limelight.

European Union leaders have been wary of another Trump administration, fearing a decrease in US support for Ukraine and NATO, which could alter the balance of power and security in Europe. Biden's criticism of Orban's engagement with Trump, branding the Hungarian PM as someone "looking for dictatorship," exemplifies the tense relations and differing views between European and certain American political figures.

As the world keeps a close watch on US politics and its impending impact on international relations, Orban's statement sheds light on possible shifts in policy and alliances that may await in the near future.

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