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Minnesota Dentist Faces Malpractice Suit Over Single-Day Dental Marathon

Published December 30, 2023
7 months ago

In what could only be described as a scenario that turns the anxiety-inducing prospect of a dental appointment into a nightmarish reality, the story of Kathleen Wilson and Molldrem Family Dentistry has sent ripples through the dental community and beyond in Minnesota. Dr. Kevin Molldrem is accused of biting off more than he could chew with an astounding 32 dental procedures in a single sitting. The aftermath: a civil lawsuit filed in Hennepin County that paints a picture of a medical malfeasance born of haste and utter disregard for patient welfare.

Kathleen Wilson, the patient in this extreme case, asserts that Dr. Molldrem's medical zeal left her "disfigured," dealing a blow not only to her oral health but to her emotional well-being. The jaw-dropping count of 20 fillings, 8 crowns, and 4 root canals in a single visit might defy belief for many—how could such an extensive amount of work be achieved effectively and safely in one go?

Expert witness Dr. Avrum Goldstein, a respected member of the faculty at NOVA Southeastern University, lends his voice to the incredulity. His affidavit deconstructs the possibility of Dr. Molldrem's feat, emphasizing the improbability and inappropriateness of conducting such extensive dental work in one session. Goldstein calls for a slow and measured approach, a stark contrast to the hurried and overzealous procedures done by the defendant.

Adding fuel to the fire of negligence is the allegation of Dr. Molldrem using doses of anesthesia well above the recommended limit. Goldstein espouses that the overdose of local anesthetic, reportedly almost double the standard units, could have resulted in serious cardiovascular or central nervous system complications.

Wilson's ongoing tribulations include reparation of the initial damage by other dentists, a drain on finances through lost income and inflated medical bills, and the enduring agony of physical and psychological torment.

Thirty-two dental procedures in one day may initially seem like a bid for Guinness World Records, but for Kathleen Wilson, it was a steppingstone to a harrowing ordeal of risky medical practice that did more harm than good. As this lawsuit makes its way through the Hennepin County judicial system, the message is clear: Efficiency should never come at the cost of safety and care in medical practice.

The lack of immediate responses from both parties' representatives keeps the public guessing as to what defense, if any, Dr. Molldrem might conjure up against such substantial accusations. The extensive list of allegations and testimony from an expert witness could set the stage for a dental case that Minnesota is not likely to forget anytime soon, with implications that may resonate far beyond state lines.

This cautionary tale will likely act as a reminder to patients and practitioners alike to prioritize care and deliberate decision-making in the realm of medical procedures. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to the number of dental procedures you undergo in one day.

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