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Health Minster Heroics: Sibongiseni Dhlomo Saves Passenger Mid-flight

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

South African Deputy Health Minister, Dr. Sibongiseni Dhlomo, was a hero in the true sense when he came forward to save a fellow passenger during a flight from Durban to Cape Town last Monday. The minister's quick thought and immediate medical intervention were instrumental in preventing a potential in-flight medical crisis.

The Health Department reported that, during the flight, a female passenger fell unwell, making the situation critical. The fitting time was when Dr. Dhlomo was alerted about this dire situation. A passenger seated behind him informed him that the flight attendants were in the need of medical assistance.

Dr. Dhlomo expeditiously made headway to attend to the unwell passenger, utilizing his knowledge and experience as a trained medical doctor to monitor her vital signs. With the help of fellow passengers and the flight crew, who provided the medical kit and oxygen, the Deputy Minister managed to stabilize the woman for the rest of the journey.

Deputy Health Minister reportedly managed the situation so coherently that the pilots called off a possible diversion of the flight, choosing instead to proceed to the scheduled destination, Cape Town. Upon landing, a prepared paramedic team took the reins, ensuring further necessary medical assistance.

This instance is a shining testimony to Dr. Dhlomo's dedication and commitment towards health service delivery, not only in emergency situations like these but also through his regular visits to health facilities around the country.

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