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Colorado Tragedy: Details Revealed in Attempt to Live Off-Grid

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

A catastrophic off-grid living attempt has cost the lives of two Colorado Springs sisters and a teen boy. Recently released autopsy reports suggest that Christine and Rebecca Vance, and Rebecca's 14-year-old son, died of starvation and malnutrition during the notoriously harsh Rocky Mountain winters.

The bodies, found in a decrepit state at a remote campsite in the Rocky Mountains this July, were painfully symbolic of the Vance family's misjudged dreams of surviving off the land. The site, once the Vance's hopeful refuge, was laid deserted with compelling signs of struggle against nature's wrath. Authorities discovered the camp without food supplies, exposed to multiple feet of snow and facing brutal, sub-zero temperatures.

The group departed last fall, fueled by a desire to escape the perceived societal burdens brought about by the pandemic and political scenarios. They believed the world was heading towards its end. According to family member Trevala Jara, they were moving away from social influences, reflecting their introspection of humanity at its worst. Sadly, their forms of preparation, such as watching YouTube survival videos, severely underestimated the adversities they later faced.

Sadly, Jara, who gifted the group her favorite rosary, was one of the last to see the Vances alive. A haunting testament of Jara's then unanswered pleas for the Vance's not to embark on this dangerous journey, the rosary was found among the young boy's remains. The tragic discovery, she hopes, will serve as a warning to others of the dangers and difficulties of surviving in the wild.

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