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Missouri Teen Recovers After Brutal Assault, Family Seeks Justice

Published April 02, 2024
2 months ago

The community of St. Louis County, Missouri, is rallying around Kaylee Gain, a local teenager who sustained severe injuries following a violent altercation near Hazelwood East High School. The incident, which was captured on a now-viral video on March 8, 2023, showed Kaylee being attacked and beaten, resulting in a critical head injury that landed her in the ICU.

After weeks of grave concern for her wellbeing, Kaylee has been moved out of intensive care, signaling a positive turn in her critical recovery journey. According to Bryan Kaemmerer, the Gain family’s attorney, although she now has limited speech and mobility challenges, Kaylee has been able to converse and take short walks with the help of hospital staff. Yet, amidst the physical strides she's making, Kaylee has no memory of the assault that caused her life-altering injuries.

Amidst this hardship, the Gain family confronts rampant speculation and rumors about the circumstances leading up to Kaylee’s hospitalization. Their attorney has debunked the claim circulating on social media that Kaylee’s mother had driven her to the fight, clarifying that her mother was at work during the incident and was later alerted by the police.

Notably, Kaylee had been suspended from school a day before the attack due to a separate altercation. Whether the subsequent brawl was an act of retaliation remains unclear. However, Kaylee’s parents firmly believe that the severity of the assault warrants a trial for the main aggressor, a 15-year-old girl, as an adult – a demand that hinges on the prosecutorial decisions yet to come.

The troubling nature of the incident has galvanized not just the local community but also state officials. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey condemned the violence as "deranged." Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell shared his distress, describing the viral footage as "sickening" and challenging to watch.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the St. Louis County Police Department disclosed that eight additional teenagers are being evaluated for assault charges by St. Louis County Family Court. They range from 14 to 17 years in age and are currently not in custody. This development suggests a broader involvement in the assault that previously recognized.

The community awaits further details as the investigation continues, and the judicial process begins to shape what is hoped to be a just outcome for both Kaylee Gain and society at large. Meanwhile, messages of support and calls for justice pour in on social media platforms under the hashtag #JusticeForKaylee, epitomizing the universal call against youth violence and for accountability.

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