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Tragedy Strikes uMhlathuze Municipality: Mayor's Bodyguards Slain in Council Chamber Clash

Published March 30, 2024
1 months ago

The City of uMhlathuze is in a state of mourning following the tragic loss of two bodyguards affiliated with senior city officials. The incident took a violent turn on Thursday morning, 28 March, inside the municipality council chamber. These bodyguards were responsible for the safety of Mayor Xolani Ngwezi and municipal manager Nkosenye Zulu. In a shocking turn of events, the lives of these two individuals were abruptly ended as a result of a confrontation that escalated beyond control.

While the motivation behind the conflict remains a mystery, the aftermath of the shooting reverberated through the community, raising concerns about the security measures in place at such high-profile gatherings. Neither Mayor Ngwezi nor municipal manager Zulu sustained injuries during this harrowing event.

Municipal spokesman Bongani Gina revealed to the public the gravity of the situation, expressing the municipality’s profound regret and requesting patience from the public and media alike, as law enforcement officers delve into the incident. He emphasized that the immediate priority is to manage the situation and to provide support for those affected by the tragedy.

As part of the municipal response, police officials have cordoned off the scene and begun a detailed investigation to uncover the facts and sequence of the events that led to this deadly outcome. Meanwhile, officials and community members await answers and the municipality grapples with the impact of the violence that took place within its walls.

The loss of the two workers is not only a personal tragedy for their families and colleagues but also a stark reminder of the need for effective conflict resolution and preventative security measures in government institutions. The events of 28 March have undoubtedly cast a shadow over the City of uMhlathuze, questioning the safety of those who serve the public.

This distressing event has garnered attention across South Africa, highlighting the potential for violence in places where it's least expected. The City is now focusing on supporting the investigation and ensuring that the truth comes to light, bringing about justice for the deceased and their loved ones.

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