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Minister Kodwa Succumbs to NPBPA Pressure, Withdraws Opposition in BSA Board Appointment Battle

Published March 25, 2024
1 months ago

In a recent legal scuffle, Minister of Sport, Zizi Kodwa has capitulated for the second time in his confrontation with the National Professional Boxing Promoters Association (NPBPA). The controversy arose over his perceived non-compliance with the SA Boxing Act No 11 of 2011 concerning the appointment process of the Board of Boxing SA (BSA).

The legislative framework stipulates that before such appointments, there must be a consultation with relevant associations or federations. The NPBPA took issue with Kodwa's approach, resulting in a court interdict in December that effectively put his appointed board on hold just as they assumed office.

Even more controversial was the appointment of Mandla Ntlanganiso as acting CEO, a move which was soon mired in fervent opposition and legal challenges. Amidst increasing pressure and critical public sentiment, Kodwa was expected to prove his adherence to the requisite "consultation" process. However, instead of presenting his case, Kodwa withdrew his notice of intention to oppose the NPBPA's claims.

This unexpected retreat has sparked curiosity about whether Kodwa will engage in future legal proceedings, notably the impending third round in April regarding Ntlanganiso's appointment. Meanwhile, the minister's media liaison officer, Litha Mpondwana, indicates that a new process for the BSA board appointment will soon be underway, emphasizing the commitment to maintaining uninterrupted operations in the sport.

The boxing community is awaiting a public announcement, anticipated next week, that will clarify the details of this new process and the prospective board members. The Minister's office assures stakeholders that regardless of the board's composition, the priority is to adhere strictly to the prescribed public guidelines and ensure the continuity of the sport.

With Kodwa conceding this round, the focus is shifting on how he plans to rectify the situation and realign with the statutory requirements that are critical for the integrity and governance of BSA.

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