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Prime Circle Announces New Era with Gavin Edwards as Frontman in Upcoming Single "Better Days"

Published March 23, 2024
1 months ago

South African rock enthusiasts are abuzz as the acclaimed band Prime Circle gears up for a fresh chapter with their latest single "Better Days," marking the arrival of Gavin Edwards as their new frontman. This pivotal track heralds a rejuvenating phase for the band, as it is the inaugural number since their last 2019 release and gives fans a glimpse into the upcoming EP "A World We Know".

Gavin Edwards, known for his stint as the runner-up in the first season of "The Voice SA," steps into the shoes of former lead singer Ross Learmonth, who parted ways with Prime Circle last year over "creative differences." Prime Circle fans expected the transition to a new lead to be nerve-wracking, but Edwards has defied expectations, gracefully integrating into the band’s DNA, alongside stalwart members: bassist Marco Gomes, drummer Dale Schnettler, keyboardist Neil Breytenbach, and guitarist Dirk Bisschoff.

Celebrated for his rock-solid vocals, Edwards is credited for circling back to his rock origins, which he claims has been his profound passion despite experimenting with various music genres. Supported by Westlife's Brian McFadden’s label previously, Edwards now embarks on an invigorating musical journey with Prime Circle, sparking curiosity and excitement among fans.

The band is not resting on its laurels. With a legacy spanning more than two decades, they are fired up, keen to elevate their music to new heights. Gomes shares that there's a youthful vigor among the band members, reminiscent of their early years as a band, eager not only to rekindle old hits but also to introduce a medley of groundbreaking elements that promise an explosive auditory experience. Ten songs have already been put to tape since Edwards's inclusion, with a selection of six making their debut on "A World We Know," slated for a June release.

Prime Circle is pulling all stops to ensure that their EP is not a monolithic throwback but a rich tapestry catering to a spectrum of tastes. From their signature anthems and pulsating heavy tracks to emotive love songs and stirring ballads, "A World We Know" is being positioned as a testament to the band's evolution while staying true to their roots.

As the June release inches closer, fans hold their breath for what seems to be nothing short of a rock odyssey, a culmination of the old and the new, a harmony of legacy and innovation. Prime Circle is set to remind us that with "Better Days", every tune is a new dawn, every riff a reinvention, and every beat a revelation.

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