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Megan Fox Opens Up About Broken Engagement and Plastic Surgery Rumors on "Call Her Daddy" Podcast

Published March 23, 2024
2 months ago

Megan Fox, fervently followed actress and cultural icon, has revealed on Alex Cooper's "Call Her Daddy" podcast that her engagement to musician Machine Gun Kelly is over, clarifying the swirl of gossip that recently surrounded the celebrity duo. Despite the cessation of their engagement, Fox describes an enduring connection with Kelly, referring to him as her "twin soul," and implies a boundless "tether" to the rapper, though the future nature of this remains undefined.

The couple's relationship, which went public in June 2020, has sparked widespread media speculation and attention. Their engagement became known in January 2022 when Fox described their unique celebration that involved an exchange of blood, an act that drew both criticism and suspicion regarding Fox's personal beliefs.

Moving beyond the contours of her personal life, Megan Fox also addressed public and media-fuelled discussions about her alleged engagements with plastic surgery. In a candid dismantling of the gossip, Fox listed the procedures she had and hadn't undergone, which included three breast augmentations and rhinoplasty among her confirmed surgeries.

Proactively tackling the stigma around such procedures, Fox states their relative normalcy and questions the societal barometers that dictate what's deemed "natural." She emphasizes the importance of thorough research and careful decision-making for anyone considering body alterations, underscoring the risks involved. Ending on a note of body empowerment, Fox's message is clear: she finds comfort and autonomy in deciding for her body, and she encourages others to embrace the same agency.

The Hollywood star has long navigated the projections and criticisms of the public eye, with echoes of past insults resurfacing even now on social media platforms—a testament to the longstanding and cyclical nature of celebrity scrutiny. Despite the tumultuous relationship with the public and the media, Fox remains forthright in her revelations and maintains control over her narrative.

The story sheds light on not just the intricacies of celebrity relationships, but also the broader conversation on body autonomy and the scrutiny women face regarding their physical appearance. Megan Fox’s discourse on "Call Her Daddy" reflects a continual struggle against imposed identities and the pursuit of self-defined beauty, a chord that resonates with many off-screen as well.

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