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Ronan Keating and Gary Player Drive Charity Success with R2.2 Million Fundraiser

Published March 13, 2024
2 months ago

Renowned musician Ronan Keating and golf legend Gary Player have culminated their philanthropic efforts into a substantial R2.2 million charity windfall. The funds were raised at the Citadel golf tournament and gala charity auction, an event that has become a tradition of giving and community support.

This grand total is earmarked for donation to a trio of significant causes. A significant portion of the raised money is directed towards the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit—an institution that holds personal resonance for Keating, having lost his mother to cancer. The Gary and Vivienne Player Foundation, whose main project focuses on uplifting local communities and providing education, also benefits. Additionally, the Blair Atholl Pre-Primary School, established by the Player family, will receive funding to continue being a bastion for hope and education within the local community.

Player, a name synonymous with golfing prowess and charity work, reflected emotionally on the importance of the event, especially as it was hosted at Blair Atholl, a venue steeped in personal history and significance following the passing of his wife, Vivienne. The event stands not only as an homage to her memory but also as a continuation of the commitment to community upliftment the couple shared.

The gala’s success was underpinned by Citadel Head of Philanthropy and auctioneer, Jean de Villiers, whose philosophy revolves around making a substantial and impactful difference in South African lives, notably in the children's sector. Since its inception, the foundation has collected over R50 million and judiciously allocated virtually all to deserving beneficiaries, embracing transparency and accountability in its operations.

Keating’s sixth-year involvement with the tournament and auction stems from his profound connection to the country and the causes he champions. His dedication to cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment reflects a global concern distilled into local action, a thread running through the heart of the event's ethos.

The success of the Citadel golf tournament and gala charity auction, part of the greater Citadel Philanthropy Foundation's initiatives, points towards a multifaceted approach to combating social issues such as poverty and education. Citadel CEO, Andrew Möller, emphasized the vital role of education as a tool that empowers children and fortifies the future. Möller champions a collaborative approach to overcoming societal challenges, calling on the unity of South Africans across diverse backgrounds to truly make a difference.

The actions of Keating, Player, and the Citadel team underscore the profound impact of collective effort and generosity—a testament to what can be achieved when individuals unite for greater social good.

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