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Joburg Water Issues: Manager Apologizes for Extended Outage, Assures Speedy Resolution

Published March 13, 2024
2 months ago

Residents across Johannesburg have been struggling with a significant water outage for the past ten days, leaving many households without this essential resource. The Electromechanical Manager of Johannesburg Water, Gugulethu Quma, issued a heartfelt apology to the city's residents, coupled with a promise of swift action.

As the manager guided the media through a tour of the Sandton Water System on Tuesday, he expressed understanding of the hardships faced by the communities and assured that steps were being taken to alleviate the situation, albeit progress being slower than desired. The briefing came amid reports of looming public protests by frustrated residents desperate for a return of their water supply.

Quma provided a glimmer of hope stating that recovery was underway with some previously affected reservoirs now showing signs of improvement. He spotlighted the Sandton System's critical role, comprising five reservoir complexes that are instrumental in distributing potable water to several neighbourhoods, including Alexandra, Wynberg, Sandton, Lombardy East, and Houghton.

Out of Johannesburg Water’s vast infrastructure assets, which include 129 reservoirs and water towers, some areas are now experiencing normalcy. The entity has confirmed the Soweto System's recovery and the resumption of supply within acceptable levels. On the other hand, areas like Protea Glen and Zondi are still grappling with high demand which continues to hinder supply restoration.

Challenges persist in other parts of the city as well, with the Linden and Blairgowrie systems remaining critically low due to the Eikenhof power outage, which affected City Power's operations. While there are slight improvements in other systems, such as Hursthill 2, residents are warned to expect poor pressure in certain areas.

To mitigate the crisis, Johannesburg Water has deployed water tankers to deliver water to the most affected neighbourhoods. The entity has vowed to keep a close watch on all systems still struggling to recover.

Johannesburg is in the grip of a water crisis, and while the city’s water authority is working around the clock to restore supply, the patience of the residents is running thin. Water, an essential commodity for daily life and public health, is sorely missed by the thousands left high and dry. With the reassurance from Quma, they are hopeful that this predicament will soon be just a drop in the ocean of their past.

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