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EFF Ward 53 Branch Dismisses Assassination Allegations as Baseless

Published February 29, 2024
3 months ago

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Ward 53 have found themselves at the center of a controversy following the distribution of a purportedly fraudulent letter, emblazoned with the EFF's logo, that has been making its rounds on social media platforms. The alleged letter accuses the Ward 53 Chairman, Sonnyboy Mkhabela, of engaging in corrupt practices and even ordering the assassination of community members, stirring unease among constituents.

The document, which purportedly originates from discontented EFF members in ward 53, levels serious charges against Mkhabela, claiming he is using his position to "terrorise residents" and is involved in nefarious activities. The authors of the letter strongly caution the community members to avoid Mkhabela, branding him as "very evil and corrupt."

In response to these allegations, Sonnyboy Mkhabela spoke to the "Daily Sun" to categorically refute these claims, denouncing them as entirely baseless and defamatory. The EFF's ward 53 branch has echoed Mkhabela's sentiments, vehemently denying any wrongdoing and maintaining their dedication to transparent and ethical political conduct.

The ward's leadership has characterized the emergence of these accusations as a malicious attempt at character assassination, likely stemming from individuals who previously held positions within the ward but failed in their responsibilities. Such individuals, according to the branch, are now misusing the party’s insignia in an irresponsible efforts to disseminate false information and sow discord within the community.

The branch has highlighted that these allegations lack any substantial proof and are merely a tactic utilized by adversaries to distract from the real issues facing constituents, suggesting a resort to mudslinging rather than focusing on constructive political discourse and problem solving.

The EFF ward 53 branch’s leadership remains unfazed, continuing to stand for transparency and integrity, while calling for those within the public sphere and the media to approach these claims with a healthy degree of skepticism. They urge that evidence should be solicited and rigorously examined before any credence is given to such serious charges.

EFF party members and supporters are being asked to remain vigilant against attempts to tarnish the reputation of their key figures. Through the provision of these statements, the EFF strives to not only clear their name but also to preserve the trust of the electorate by advocating for a political environment free from corruption and baseless claims.

As tensions mount, the situation continues to be monitored closely, with outcomes pending further investigation and clarification by the relevant authorities and party officials. The true intentions behind the letter, the identity of its authors, and the veracity of its contents remain to be seen.

This incident sheds light on the challenges political figures and parties face in an era where information – both true and false – can spread rapidly across social media, often outpacing the efforts to fact-check and verify claims. It also serves as a reminder for parties to maintain steadfast diligence in ensuring the integrity of their communication and to safeguard their reputation against those who may seek to compromise it.

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