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Drake Endorses South African School's War Cry, Ignites Global Excitement

Published March 01, 2024
3 months ago

In an unprecedented cultural crossover, Drake, the iconic American rapper and actor, has given a nod to the spirited war cry of KwaZulu-Natal’s Northwood School. The artist recently made waves on social media by sharing the school's passionate rendition of his track 'Nonstop' on his Instagram story, broadcasting it to his colossal follower base of 145 million users.

The story began with a relatively simple act of social media engagement. Gina Klingbeil, the school's social media manager, noted that their Instagram clip was simply a snippet of the boys at Northwood putting their spin on a global hit. "We just posted it online, and the boys started tagging Drake, but no one ever imagined he would notice us, much less share it!" Klingbeil exclaimed in amazement.

The impact was immediate and impressive. The clip not only caught Drake's attention but also went on to captivate ESPN and a global audience, skyrocketing to an astonishing 15.4 million views and accumulating over 1.2 million likes on TikTok, alongside nearly 400,000 likes on Instagram. This spontaneous act of digital engagement bridged continents, bringing a taste of South African school tradition to the world stage.

Klingbeil emphasized the video's authenticity, stating that it was a regular capture of their Thursday morning war cry practice, unedited and unrefined – the pure spirit of Northwood on display. The boys at the school are granted the freedom to choose and compile their anthems, a responsibility they take on with commitment and enthusiasm, practicing independently without guidance from faculty members.

School war cries, elemental to South African scholastic culture, are chants students use to encourage their teams during sports events. They resonate with energy, support, and pride, characteristics palpably evident in Northwood's viral performance.

The resonance of this unique cultural expression reached influential personalities across the globe. The list of high-profile figures taken by the school's creativity includes South African actress Minnie Dlamini, NBA veteran Nate Robinson, US rapper Young Buck, and internet star Lorenzo Cromwell, amongst others.

Klingbeil also took the opportunity to acknowledge the individuals who played pivotal roles in making this viral moment possible, from War Cry Leader Nigel Kambasha and his team to the spirited participants in the stands. Their collective effort underscored the powerful connection between local culture and global communication.

Northwood School's engagement with popular media through their war cry practice has truly exemplified how traditional local expressions can resonate on the international stage. It illustrates how schools can preserve cultural practices while simultaneously embracing contemporary global trends, creating a fusion that resonates universally.

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