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DA Councillor Jacque Alexander Shot and Wounded in Jeffrey’s Bay Incident

Published February 29, 2024
4 months ago

In a shocking turn of events, Democratic Alliance (DA) ward Councillor Jacque Alexander was the victim of a shooting in Jeffrey's Bay, a seaside town along the coast of South Africa. The incident occurred outside the Kouga Municipality's main building situated on Da Gama Road, a central hub of the town's administrative activities, and has raised concerns about the safety of public officials within the region.

Jacque Alexander, representing Ward 4 and serving as the mayoral committee member for Corporate and Communication Services, suffered gunshot wounds in the unexpected attack. Following the incident, he was immediately attended to and then rushed to a Gqeberha hospital. His condition has since been reported as stable, providing some relief to his constituents, colleagues, and supporters, who anxiously await his full recovery.

Remarkably, the police and municipal law enforcement's rapid response led to the successful apprehension of four suspects within just 45 minutes of the incident. This swift action has been lauded by members of the community and underscores the efficiency and commitment of local law enforcement agencies in maintaining the rule of law and ensuring public safety.

The Kouga Municipality has taken to social media to inform the public of the unfortunate event and update concerned citizens. Their statement on Facebook not only laid out the basic facts surrounding the occurrence but also expressed solidarity with Councillor Alexander and his family during what they described as a "challenging time". The Municipality requested the support and thoughts of the community for the wounded councillor, emphasizing the weight of collective compassion in the wake of such disturbing episodes.

As residents of Jeffrey's Bay and the greater Kouga area come to terms with this act of violence against their elected representative, the Municipality has promised to keep the public informed as new details emerge. The statement concluded with an assurance to the community, emphasizing transparency and ongoing communication in the aftermath of the shooting.

This event brings to the fore ongoing concerns surrounding the security of public officials and highlights the unpredictable nature of such roles, especially in areas where tensions or opposition might exist. Incidents like these also tend to prompt discussions about the measures in place to protect those serving the public and to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

As Jacque Alexander continues his recovery, the impact of this shooting extends beyond personal injury, touching on issues of community safety, the vulnerability of public officials, and the need for vigilance against violence. The Kouga Municipality and the greater South African public will be watching closely as law enforcement agents work to uncover the motives behind the attack and as the judicial processes against the arrested suspects unfold.

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