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Tensions Flare as Family Alleges Mother Knows Truth About Missing Child in Saldanha Bay

Published February 29, 2024
4 months ago

Saldanha Bay, a community shrouded in distress and disbelief, grapples with the unraveling mystery of missing six-year-old Joshlin Smith. As days stretch without a clue of her whereabouts, unsettling accusations emerge from within the family, pointing toward a harrowing possibility that someone closest to Joshlin may hold the key to her disappearance.

Mickyela Daniels, Joshlin's aunt and a Springbok police officer, openly accused her sister, Kelly Smith, of withholding crucial information during a live video on Facebook. Visceral allegations surfaced as Daniels claimed that Kelly Smith had indicated someone's intent to purchase her daughter. These accusations have ripped through the fabric of the community, elevating tensions and casting a shadow of suspicion over the mother's involvement in the child's fate.

In a desperate attempt to clear her name, Kelly Smith, accompanied by her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis—the last to see Joshlin at their Middelpos home in Diazville—pledged to undergo a lie detector test. The couple faces the ire of local residents who firmly believe that the pair possess undisclosed knowledge about the events leading to the girl's disappearance.

During an emotional plea, Smith professed innocence and incapacitating grief before Patriotic Alliance president Gayton McKenzie. Her boyfriend's tears and proclaimed innocence do little to dampen the community's skepticism. The declaration of an intent to disengage from the ongoing search efforts further fueled public outrage and distrust. Smith voiced concern over deteriorating safety, citing aggressive attitudes from certain individuals demanding answers and retribution.

The issue of child safety and the terrifying specter of human trafficking have been thrust into the spotlight, with Kelly Smith postulating that her daughter may have fallen prey to such a fate. Detectives remain laser-focused on the case, although the intensive physical search has been scaled down. Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie has urged the public against spreading conjecture that could hamper the investigation and precipitate unhelpful gatherings in Saldanha Bay.

As the quest to unearth the veracity behind Joshlin's vanishing continues, the community is left in a state of suspended anguish, yearning for closure, clarity, and the ultimate return of young Joshlin Smith.

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