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Malema Showers Praise on Ndlozi in Comparison to Lesufi as EFF Gears Up for 2024 Elections

Published February 29, 2024
4 months ago

The political landscape in South Africa is heating up as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, places his confidence in the quality of his party's lineup, particularly emphasizing Mbuyiseni Ndlozi's credentials as the EFF looks towards potential coalition alignments post-2024 national and provincial elections.

Amidst talks of possible coalition configurations that may shape South Africa's political future, Malema's endorsement of Ndlozi underscores a strategic play to establish his party's upper hand, especially in contrast to candidates from the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

During an interview with Kaya FM, Malema, the firebrand leader of the EFF, expressed undoubted faith in Ndlozi, stating decisively that the scholarly MP is "favoured by God". With a PhD in Philosophy from the esteemed University of Witwatersrand earned in 2017, Ndlozi embodies a multifaceted persona; intelligent, humble, and artistically inclined with a passion for singing.

The comparison was drawn starkly against Panyaza Lesufi, a member of the ANC and the current Gauteng provincial education minister. Malema asserted that were the two to be considered for the Gauteng premiership, Ndlozi would be the superior choice, appealing to voters to discern between the two men's calibre and track records.

Malema's critique further plunged into Lesufi's job creation initiatives, specifically targeting Nasi iSpani – a mass recruitment program launched last year. Malema derided the program as deceitful, painting a picture of showmanship over substantive employment solutions.

Lesufi had previously highlighted the creation of approximately 7,000 jobs through the formation of the AmaPanyaza – Gauteng’s crime prevention wardens. During his state of the province address, Lesufi boasted the impressive figure of 90,000 young people now employed, assuring the public of his administration's commitment to combating unemployment.

Yet, Malema's scathing discourse questions the effectiveness and authenticity of Lesufi's figures and methods, juxtaposing his own preferred candidate's attributes of character and honest achievements against what he perceives to be Lesufi's falsely represented success.

As South Africans gear up for a highly contentious electoral period, questions regarding the potential coalitions that could shape governance post-2024 are in the forefront of political debate. With the EFF's indication of setting a high standard for leadership quality, the proverbial political chessboard sees its pieces align, and narratives like Malema's vocal support for Ndlozi contribute to the pre-election dynamics.

The stakes are as high as ever, with significant power plays anticipated that would not only determine premier candidacies but also influence the pathway to leadership and policy directive in a nation grappling with many socio-economic challenges.

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