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Breakthrough in AKA Murder Investigation: Alleged Killers Paid R800,000

Published February 29, 2024
3 months ago

The South African music industry and fans of Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes were left stunned and heartbroken following his tragic murder on the bustling streets of Durban. However, the case has recently seen a significant development. Investigations have led to the revelation that a substantial sum of R800,000 was allegedly paid to orchestrate the demise of the celebrated rapper.

AKA, alongside his close friend Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane, met their untimely deaths outside the Wish restaurant on Florida Road—a popular nightlife spot in Durban. Initially passing as a random act of violence, the case's nature has been shrouded in mystery and speculation with percolating theories and narratives of a planned assassination.

The Eswatini newspaper, Times of Eswatini, broadcasted the latest insights into the case, citing the arrests of two brothers, Siyabonga Gezani Ndimane (Nxele) and Malusi Dave Ndimande (Mjay), by the Royal Eswatini Police Service. As the story unfolds, the Ndimande siblings were apprehended while concealing themselves in Mbabane’s zone four. It has emerged that these individuals are not unfamiliar with such grisly acts, as they are purportedly connected to other murder cases.

Further intrigues surround the financial transactions tied to the homicide. Reports disclose that the Director of Public Prosecutions in Eswatini is now in possession of Standard Bank account statements showing the transfer of R133,000 to the brothers, believed to be the payment for their role in the heinous act.

These developments have sparked an uproar amongst netizens, as tweets surfaced demonstrating the public's distrust, anger, and speculation surrounding the circumstances of AKA's death. Social media users lamented the valuation of the rapper's life and raised concerns, suggesting that the high-profile nature of this hit hints at the involvement of influential figures. These reactions underscore the complex web of organized crime and corruption that these brutal murders have potentially unearthed, reminding South Africans of other unresolved cases that have plagued the nation.

The controversy deepened with comments made by music mogul Nota Baloyi, hinting at prior knowledge of the crime and calling for those who were on the same flight to Durban with AKA to come forward. This adds another layer of intrigue, as such insider claims suggest that multiple parties could be privy to information related to the rapper's murder.

The journey towards justice for AKA remains fraught with challenges and reveals the prevalence of assassinations-for-hire within South African borders. The arrest of the alleged assassins is a step forward in understanding the intricate plot that led to the rapper's death, yet many await answers and demand accountability from those who conspired to muffle AKA's voice abruptly.

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