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'Pink Cocaine' Rattles Cape Town: Exclusive Bust Sheds Light on New Drug Trend

Published December 31, 2023
7 months ago

Cape Town's drug landscape is witnessing the rise of a new threat dubbed 'pink cocaine,' a substance designed to appeal to the elite party scene of high-income drug enthusiasts. The Grassy Park suburb in Cape Town became the focal point for South African authorities when they discovered the new drug during a raid stemming from community tip-offs. This raid not only led to the arrest of a 28-year-old alleged dealer but also precipitated an urgent investigation into the origins, composition, and distribution networks of this high-priced narcotic.

Pink cocaine, or 'Tusi' as it is known locally, possesses a distinctive bright pink powder-like appearance that sets it apart from traditional cocaine. Originating from Spain where it is called 'Tucibi', its hefty street price of up to R1,000 per small sachet reflects both its potency and exclusivity. Grassy Park station commander, Colonel Dawood Laing, emphasized that Tusi might be designed to deliver a swifter, more intense high, indicating that this drug has potentially serious repercussions for users and poses a unique challenge to law enforcement due to its unfamiliar appearance.

The suspect, whose arrest interrupted the local distribution of Tusi, faces charges of drug dealing. Laing underscored their intent to oppose any bail application, given the severity of the case and the substance involved. The subsequent court proceedings, set for the Wynberg Magistrate's Court, will likely stir public attention towards the growing threat of designer drugs within the city.

Experts like Ashley Potts, formerly associated with the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre, sounded alarms over the dangers of pink cocaine. Often a concoction of lethal additives like fentanyl, hallucinogens, and other synthetic drugs, Tusi's capacity for addiction and harm cannot be overstated. He advocated for comprehensive testing to determine the exact makeup of the seized substance, pointing out the inherent risks of drug impurities which increase the potential for overdose and death.

Securing the community against this new danger demands not just vigorous policing but also heightened public vigilance. Parents, in particular, have been urged to exercise greater caution in monitoring their children and controlling the flow of money that could inadvertently fuel such drug purchases.

Reagan Allen, the Community Safety MEC, welcomed the bust and reaffirmed their commitment to combatting drug proliferation, a known catalyst for gang violence and societal disruption. The provincial authorities are adamant about curbing not just traditional drugs but also emergent varieties that could undermine community safety and stability.

This Grassy Park incident has set in motion a broader campaign against pink cocaine. Law enforcement will need to adapt to this new challenge, incorporating emerging drug trends into their training and surveillance tactics. It's a race to dismantle the Tusi network before it entrenches itself further in the local drug economy and culture.

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