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Cape Town Ushers in New Year with Strong Winds and Clear Skies

Published December 31, 2023
7 months ago

Residents and visitors in Cape Town are set to welcome the new year under fresh skies, as the notorious Cape Doctor – the local term for the strong south-easterly wind – sweeps across the city. According to the latest weather forecasts, the winds will usher in clearer skies while kicking up some high gusts, adding a brisk note to the New Year's celebrations.

With moderate temperatures expected, hitting a pleasant high of 25ºC, revelers preparing for New Year's Eve festivities can look forward to mostly sunny conditions. The weather is also anticipated to support outdoor activities and evening plans, as the cloud cover is projected to decrease substantially by nightfall. However, sun protection should be a priority during the day as the UV Index will be reaching a very unhealthy level of 12, indicating an extreme risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure.

The strong winds, which may reach speeds of up to 78kph in gusts during the day, will become slightly gentler as evening approaches, with speeds dropping to around 32kph, gusting at 65kph. Such conditions might prove challenging for outdoor decorations or any loose items, so securing them would be wise. The decreased wind speed at night combined with the clearer skies could offer a perfect setting for fireworks displays and outdoor countdowns to 2024.

For those planning to witness the last sunrise and sunset of the year, the times to note are 5:37am for sunrise and an extended daylight opportunity with sunset at the late hour of 20:01pm. With dusk settling in only after eight, there will be ample time for day trips, beach visits, and parties to wind down as the sun dips below the horizon.

The weather forecast also indicates a slight drop in temperatures as night approaches, with a low of 19ºC expected. This slight cooldown will complement the lessening of the wind speeds, making for a more comfortable evening overall.

For those celebrating the new year, it is essential to consider the forecasted weather conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable transition into 2024. With the strong winds, it is recommended to take appropriate precautions, especially when on the coast or in exposed areas. Moreover, the extreme UV index requires diligence in sun protection throughout the day.

So, as Cape Town bids farewell to another year, the setting seem primed for a memorable celebration, surrounded by the natural beauty of the city, cooled by the Cape Doctor, and lit by a clear evening sky perfect for welcoming new beginnings.

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