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DA Johannesburg Caucus Aims for Municipal Election Reform in 2024

Published December 30, 2023
7 months ago

In an assertive move towards changing the political landscape of Johannesburg, the Democratic Alliance (DA) caucus, led by Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku, has announced plans to push for a radical shift in the city’s governance by proposing fresh municipal elections in the upcoming year. This action is perceived as a continuation of the battle for Johannesburg's soul, which intensified after the DA-led coalition was removed from power.

The political turmoil in Johannesburg took a dramatic turn in January when the ousting of Mayor Mpho Phalatse led to the formation of the Government of Local Unity (GLU), under which two new mayors were installed. This shift in power is seen as a significant setback for the residents, according to Kayser-Echeozonjoku.

The DA's prominence in Johannesburg's political scene was marked by vigilance in holding the new GLU leadership to account. One of their critical victories was averting a costly R2.6 million year-end party planned by the Group Corporate and Shared Services department. The strong opposition from the DA prompted a cancellation of the event, thereby saving public funds and compelling a reconsideration of the city’s fiscal strategy.

Apart from fiscal oversights, the party has been a driving force behind several advocacy campaigns. Standout issues include disputing the appointment of the City Manager, which is still awaiting a judicial ruling, and tackling persistent problems related to service delivery, such as the dire state of refuse collection in Johannesburg's inner city.

During this period of reflection, Kayser-Echeozonjoku emphasised the DA's unwavering commitment to principles of good governance, rule of law, fiscal responsibility, and public sector accountability. These efforts mirror the party's pledge to safeguard the welfare of the city's residents.

With the proposed motion for the dissolution of the council in the early months of the next year, the DA is gearing up for a major push to reclaim its lost ground and reshape the city's governance systems in line with their vision of administration.

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