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Cape Town Entertainers Reflect on 2023 Triumphs and Projections for the New Year

Published December 31, 2023
7 months ago

As the last sun of 2023 sets on the exquisite backdrop of Cape Town, its premier entertainers take a momentary pause from their dizzying schedules to reflect on a year filled with both challenges and triumphs while looking forward to the aspirations of the new year. These artists offer a snapshot of their professional journeys and personal goals, providing an overview of the creativity and spirit that kept the Mother City's cultural heartbeat pulsing through the year and beyond.

Comedian Wayne Mckay, fresh from a whirlwind of a year, is not planning to take his foot off the gas anytime soon. With his new show "AfriSnaaks" set to tickle the fancy of Artscape Theatre-goers in February, Mckay stands as a testament to the vivacity of the local comedy scene. His resolution is a mirror to his onstage demeanor – to embody kindness and uplift others, recognizing the role that every individual plays in enhancing South Africa’s societal fabric.

Claire Phillips, a musician who's navigated the waves of 2023 with poise, strikes a different chord. Turning life's lessons into melodies, Phillips chooses focus over festive promises and vows to continue her artistic journey towards joy and peace. Hers is a candid detachment from the traditional resolve of a new year, highlighting the ongoing pursuit of happiness intrinsic to the life of an artist, even as she prepares to light up stages abroad yet again in the coming year.

On the cinema front, Irshaad Ally has expanded his rhythmic cadence to the recording studio, making waves with his debut track "Tien Kadokkies." He's candid about the unfinished symphony that is his 2023 objectives, serving as a reminder that the path of creativity is often marked by evolving goals. Ally, like many, cherishes the family time that the festive season allows, promising a night to remember with his wife as the calendar flips.

Meanwhile, the rhythmic spitfire verses of Afrikaans rapper Early B tell a story of thankfulness and goal attainment. His involvement in television and motor racing expands the boundaries of what entertainers can aspire to and achieve. The Early B Foundation's contributions underscore a commitment to community upliftment that surpasses any stage. For him, resolutions are daily affirmations, and New Year's Eve is a sacred time, marked by faith and forward momentum.

Pouring glam and glitter into the coming year, Manila von Teez, a drag performer and fashion designer, is poised to captivate audiences in 2024. Von Teez treats resolutions as strategic imperatives, akin to a corporate vision, asserting the importance of setting benchmarks to drive personal growth and professional achievement in the highly creative and evolving realm of drag performance.

Finally, theatre maestro Basil Appollis, takes a retrospective lens to 2023, sharing his inspirational collaborative projects that have delved into identity and culture, drawing applause and introspection in equal measure. Appollis’s lack of personal resolutions does not hinder his anticipation of upcoming works like "Dance of the La Gumas," which promises another successful run at Artscape.

As we bid farewell to a year marked by artistic excellence and personal growth, each entertainer's story unfolds like the script of a play filled with passion, dreams, and dedication. With the dawn of 2024, their collective vision and resoluteness underscore the boundless potential that the new year holds for Cape Town's thriving entertainment scene.

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