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South African Stars Shine Bright with Festive Memories and Traditions

Published December 28, 2023
7 months ago

The festive season is here, and with it, an opportunity to peek into the celebrations and traditions of South Africa's beloved celebrities. In a special collaboration between SMag and Netflix, three stars from hit local shows open up about their holiday plans, favorite memories, and the significance of the campaign tagline "It’s a Full House".

Sdumo Mtshali, known for his professional talents, reflects on the tagline "It’s a Full House" as a unique experience that brings together industry creatives in a familial gathering. During the holidays, Mtshali takes on the role of the cool malume, occasionally safeguarding gifts and always finding new adventures. For Sdumo, celebrations mean hosting and deciding which family home will take on Christmas festivities— a role that shifts from year to year.

Mtshali fondly recalls Christmases in Lamontville, Durban, with his late brother, where they'd be dressed alike and visit friends' homes for a variety of Christmas lunches. Despite their family not focusing much on presents, the tradition has slowly become part of their celebrations for the younger generation.

Dineo Langa draws the "Full House" concept close to heart, denoting it as a symbol of family, unity, and joy where everyone comes dressed in carefully selected outfits. Langa, hailing from Durban, recounts the childhood tradition of wearing white and sharing the festivities with extended family and friends. Working on the festive-themed project "Yoh! Christmas," gave her a chance to step out of her usual roles, portraying Matheo, a character who helps the protagonist find herself. Langa also shares an amusing memory where the obligation of her celebrity status clashed with family time.

As for the holiday's unexpected customs, it's those moments of rest awarded by the family before one has to wash the dishes that truly mark Christmas for her.

Ntobeko Sishi places emphasis on the bustling sounds of merriment that "It’s a Full House" represents. Known for culinary skills, Ntobeko takes pride in preparing gammon and desserts for the occasion and even curates a playlist if requested. This year, Sishi is introducing a new tradition for their beloved dogs, Solo and Pepper, with personalized tree ornaments to ensure they too feel the warmth of the season. For him, the conservation of the tradition of Christmas clothing, or diaparo tsa Christmas, is paramount.

These local celebrities carry their festive spirit into their personal lives, as they cherish the moments with family, introduce new traditions, and remember those who have passed on. It is clear that for them, Christmas is as much about personal connections as it is about the public celebrations.

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