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Trump's Controversial Christmas Greetings: Calls for Opponents to "Rot in Hell"

Published December 26, 2023
7 months ago

In a remarkable deviation from traditional festive messages, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social this Christmas to launch a scathing critique of his political adversaries, alongside holiday greetings. Trump's posts not only targeted President Joe Biden and special counsel Jack Smith but also cast a wide net, implicating various world leaders and proponents of electric vehicles.

Trump began his series of messages by wishing "Merry Christmas" to all, but in the same breath, referred to Joe Biden's "ONLY HOPE, Deranged Jack Smith," continuing his ongoing pattern of denouncing the special counsel. Smith is currently involved in prosecuting Trump in matters relating to his conduct surrounding the 2020 election and the subsequent events of January 6 at the Capitol. This legal tussle has recently featured in the Supreme Court deliberations, as they declined to expedite a decision on Trump’s claim of immunity linked to his presidential actions.

The former president's holiday messages swiftly turned darker as he painted a dire picture of internal "THUGS" who are, according to his words, attempting to ruin the United States. His laundry list of grievances included, but was not limited to, open borders, rampant inflation, the "Green New Scam," high taxes, and the shift towards electric vehicles, which he referred to as "All Electric Car Lunacy." Trump capped his message with a scalding wish for his stated enemies, hoping they would "rot in Hell," before returning to the phrase "AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS."

These provocatively toned messages coincide with Trump's apparent lead as the favorite to secure the GOP presidential nomination. Decision Desk HQ and The Hill report a 54 percent lead over his Republican competitors in the polls they aggregate. Trump also seems to have the upper hand in a hypothetical direct electoral face-off against incumbent President Biden, leading by 1.9 percent in the Decision Desk-The Hill polls.

Trump's post and its inflammatory sentiments represent a stark departure from the typical yuletide cheer and unity messages often shared during the holiday season. It underscores his continued embracement of confrontational politics and rhetoric, even in times customarily reserved for peace and goodwill.

Amidst the waves of controversy that such pronouncements generate, Trump maintains a dominant stride in the race for the Republican ticket, bolstering his visibility and captivation of the party's base as he advances towards the 2024 presidential election. The former president’s ongoing legal entanglements and public statements continue to keep him at the political forefront, signaling that the upcoming election cycle may be one of the most bitterly fought in recent history.

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