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PJ Powers: Singing a "Different Tune" with New Single, Album, Tour, Movie, and Book

Published December 27, 2023
7 months ago

South African music icon and performer PJ Powers has proven once again that her melody remains as vibrant and evocative as ever, reinforcing her position as one of the country's most treasured musicians. With a career spanning an impressive 41 years, Powers, whose real name is Penelope Jane Dunlop, remains at the forefront of the entertainment scene with a suite of new projects on the horizon.

Known affectionately by her nickname Thandeka, the Durban-born singer, and songwriter has earned her place in the pantheon of South Africa’s music greats by weaving messages of hope, resilience, and joy into her tunes, culminating in hits that have transcended generations. The Jabulani hitmaker has no plans to slow down, promising to deliver a fresh single every two months leading to the release of a full album by the end of the next year.

With a voice that has become synonymous with the South African spirit, Powers's unwavering commitment to her craft is evident not just in her music but in the advice she offers to aspiring artists: remain authentic and cherish the career that chooses you. Her perspective on her own longevity in the industry? She'll continue "to sing until people don't want me to sing."

The power of her performances lies in her ability to bring smiles to faces – a gift that PJ Powers treasures and one that has been a motivating force throughout her career. As she prepares for a mid-next-year tour across the UK and Germany, her international fans eagerly anticipate experiencing her dynamic stage presence firsthand.

Yet, music is not the only medium through which PJ Powers will be expressing her remarkable life story. A 90-minute film titled "Different Tune" is set to reveal the narrative behind her life, from her origins in KZN to her rise as a musical legend. Complementing this visual exploration will be a book of the same name, giving fans a literary insight into her journey and philosophies.

Her latest endeavors align closely with her belief in the goodness of humanity and the importance of treating others with respect. Despite the challenges faced throughout her enduring career, Powers has emerged optimistic and energetic, much like a "battery" that can't stop moving, reflecting the happiness she derives from being onstage.

Influential tracks such as "You're So Good to Me" (1982), "There is an Answer" (1986), and "Home to Africa" (1985) serve as milestones along her musical journey—each song a testament to her talent and her connection to the cultural heartbeat of South Africa.

Powers's appreciation for her moniker 'Thandeka,' which translates to 'beloved,' speaks volumes about the reciprocal love between the artist and her audience—a relationship she continues to cherish and expand upon with every exhilarating performance and heartfelt melody.

PJ Powers's trajectory serves as both an inspiration and a blueprint for longevity and success in the often-tumultuous music industry. For fans, whether new or long-standing, Powers's enduring appeal and the upcoming plethora of new material are intoxicating reminders of why she remains a legend in South African music.

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