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Lincoln Project's Provocative 'Trump Smells' Ad Stokes Social Media Buzz

Published December 26, 2023
7 months ago

In a bold move that capitalizes on the current social media conversation, The Lincoln Project has thrown the latest punch in a series of political jabs at former President Donald Trump. The organization, founded by a cohort of anti-Trump Republicans, has launched a new ad titled “Limburger,” aligning itself with the trending #TrumpSmells hashtag that's sending ripples through social media platforms.

Tapping into the vein of satire, the 40-second spot is an orchestrated attack on the senses, juxtaposing imagery of unpleasantly pungent items such as garbage dumps, animal waste, and spoiled food with the image of Trump Tower. The ad's stark visuals are underscored by the sounds of a person gagging and snorting in disgust.

A comedic twist is introduced with the voiceover of Kathy Griffith, asserting that the former president has a distinctive and unflattering odor, likened to a mix of body odor and perfumed makeup. The ad concludes with a woman's voice coughing and expressing disdain, accompanied by the buzzing of flies, rounding off the olfactory offense with, “Donald, is that you?”

This visual spectacle reflects The Lincoln Project's ongoing endeavor to prevent Trump from reclaiming the presidency. By adding to the #TrumpSmells narrative, the group seeks not only to belittle Trump's character but also to resonate with a segment of the electorate through humor and the common human experience of reacting to unpleasant smells.

The hashtag gained traction when Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a known critic of Trump, tweeted about Trump's alleged body odor, advising people to wear masks around him. Notably, the ad was released on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, which has been a battleground for political discourse.

In response to The Lincoln Project's ad, Trump's team has fired back with retaliation, dismissing Kinzinger as a disgruntled individual and drawing attention to his own on-air mishap. While the Trump campaign has yet to directly address the ad, the exchange points to the heated landscape that awaits the race for the 2024 presidency.

The ad's deployment of the "smell" theme showcases The Lincoln Project's strategic precision in exploiting Trump's vulnerability – his image. By using potent odors as a metaphor for Trump's perceived negative influence, the ad aims to leave a lasting impression on its audience, suggesting the former president's return would be as unwelcome as a foul stench.

The Lincoln Project's decision to engage in this kind of sensational and sensory-focused messaging reflects a deeper understanding of social media dynamics. Memetic elements, such as the inclusion of humorous audio and relatable disgust, help ensure that the 'Trump Smells' message proliferates, embedding itself within the tapestry of online content.

This provocative use of symbolic language in political advertising underlines the intensified battleground of public perception, where viral moments often overshadow policy discussions. Whether this form of campaigning proves influential or backfires remains to be seen. As the 2024 elections approach, both the electorate and candidates will be sniffing out the strategies that resonate most.

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