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Mzansi Celebrities Share Their Festive Season Celebration Plans

Published December 25, 2023
7 months ago

With the festive season in full swing, South Africans across the nation are gearing up to celebrate in their unique ways. Satori News Agency reached out to some of the country's biggest stars to get a peek into their holiday cheer and what the season means to them.

Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena, a powerhouse musician and television personality, looks forward to spending Christmas at her sister's new house. Amidst her packed schedule filled with gigs and events, the festive period permits Moozlie a moment of repose. Renowned for her style and creativity, Moozlie brings festive flair to her sister's abode, transforming it into a Christmas wonderland for the family to enjoy gourmet meals and engage in cheerful TikTok challenges. Her holiday is synonymous with nurturing family bonds over good food and drinks.

Television and radio personality Kriya Gangiah is embarking on a novel journey with her soon-to-open nail salon, Kri8tive Nails, in Pretoria. Amid business preparations, Gangiah still treasures Christmas as a time for family relaxation and reflection on the year's milestones. It's a pivotal moment for the Gangiah family to press pause on their fast-paced lives and indulge in the comfort of each other's company.

Carol Ofori, a familiar voice in the literary and radio world, places immense value on family togetherness during Christmas. Her festive celebration includes a leisurely resort stay in Northern Kwazulu-Natal with her family, including a keenly anticipated reunion with her mother. The season for Ofori is punctuated by a gastronomic break, intimate gift-giving, and a New Year's gathering in the enchanting Drakensburg with her sister's family.

The effervescent comedian Nonto R, acclaimed for her recent accolades at the Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards, eagerly anticipates rekindling ties with distant friends and family. December becomes a canvas to commemorate personal achievements and surrender to gastronomic delights. For Nonto, the emphasis is on sharing gifts, dabbling in culinary pursuits as a family, and embracing the spiritual richness of the season.

Eastern Cape's very own Martin Bester, a cherished Jacaranda FM radio personality and musician, retreats to his roots for Christmas. His journey to the Great Karoo to visit family and forays into Port Elizabeth are cherished traditions. This Christmas is exceptionally noteworthy for Bester as he shares his love for Afrikaans pop music through his latest song release.

Lastly, musician Ms Cosmo reflects on a transformative year with her new Warner Music Africa partnership and chart-topping single 'Woza La.’ Despite her career milestones, she finds solace in the consistent comfort of family traditions. This Christmas, Ms Cosmo anticipates a joyful reunion with her relatives at her aunt's residence, a testament to the holiday's power to congregate busy family members before the year ends.

The festive season in South Africa is marked by a lush tapestry of personal celebrations and gatherings, with celebrities carving out time to uphold customs and savor the company of loved ones – a universal sentiment mirrored in homes across Mzansi.

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