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Cape Town’s Christmas Spectacle: Brackenfell House Sets the Standard for Holiday Cheer

Published December 25, 2023
7 months ago

In a city known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture, it comes as no surprise that Cape Town's residents would seize the festive season to spread cheer and goodwill in a truly illuminating way. As dusk descends upon the city this evening, a special glow is emanating from several homes that have transformed into beacons of the Christmas spirit.

Concluding a successful call-out to our readers for their preferred home Christmas light displays, one house in particular has garnered widespread attention for its elaborate setup. The house located in Brackenfell has managed not only to capture the imaginations of onlookers but also to serve a higher purpose by supporting charitable causes.

Rick van der Galien and his partner, recognized for their philanthropic work through festive decorations, have once again captivated the community. Each year, they meticulously adorn their residence with a breathtaking arrangement of Christmas lights, inviting the public to indulge in the warmth of the season. Building upon previous years' efforts, their current installation surpasses all expectations, highlighting their commitment to spreading joy and fostering a sense of unity.

Last year's display was a testament to their dedication, utilizing over 9,000 cable ties and stretching across 20 kilometers of twinkling lights. The setup process alone spanned over a month, indicating the immense effort put forth by these local heroes. This year's presentation is reportedly even more grand, signaling that the couple has spared no expense or effort in ensuring this season is marked with awe-inspiring wonder.

The house, standing proudly at 16 Dennegeur Street in the suburb of Protea Heights, Brackenfell, has boasted the luminous installation since the beginning of December. Every evening at 8 pm, the lights come alive, casting a resplendent glow visible from afar. The shining array will remain a highlight for the city's residents and visitors alike until 11 pm on Saturday, 30 December, providing ample opportunity for all to bask in the festive atmosphere.

Accessibility is also well-considered, with parking made available behind the residence at the Church Gemeente met Oop Deure, emphasizing inclusivity and community participation.

Admission to this remarkable sight is graciously free, though the organizers are open to receiving donations. In the true spirit of giving, visitors are encouraged to contribute what they can, whether monetarily or through provisions such as food, blankets, or materials for kennel construction, underscoring the humanitarian aspect of this annual tradition.

The house in Brackenfell stands not only as a landmark for travelers but also as a symbol of the multifaceted role festive decorations can play in society, evoking joy while serving the needs of the less fortunate. With this display, Cape Town once again proves that its heart beats in unison with the ethos of the holiday season, celebrating through grand gestures and acts of kindness alike.

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