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Taylor Swift Denies Fox Permission to Play Her Songs During Travis Kelce’s Game

Published September 29, 2023
9 months ago

International music sensation, Taylor Swift, caused quite a stir earlier this month when the news broke that she had denied Fox the rights to play her music during a Kansas City Chiefs game, featuring player Travis Kelce. Fox had hoped to punctuate their coverage of the match with hits from Swift's extensive discography when rumours of their suspected romance began to circulate. However, Swift's desire to safeguard her personal life led to a resounding 'no' to this request.

According to Richie Zyons, the lead producer for NFL on Fox, the network had been denied permission from Swift's record label and publishing company after an initial attempt from Rich Gross, associate producer. The denial was explicitly linked to the ongoing speculations concerning the pop star's connection with Kelce.

Swift's unexpected appearance at the Chiefs game in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, September 24, heightened whispers of a romantic affiliation between her and football player, Kelce. Seen cheering enthusiastically from Kelce's family stadium box, Swift's presence ignited further interest in her private life, escalating the rumours of a budding relationship.

Despite the refusal to use her music for the broadcast, Fox managed to spotlight Swift's attendance using live footage of her expressions during the game. Zyons describes the coverage as a "matter of balance", choosing only significant moments from Swift's reactions to the gameplay.

Following a victorious game, Swift was spotted alongside Kelce, sparking further intrigue about their relationship status. According to sources, Swift and Kelce have only had a couple of meetings so far, fueling curiosity surrounding their potential romance.

As this story continues to develop, it will be fascinating to observe how both Swift and Kelce navigate their burgeoning relationship under intense media scrutiny.

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