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Heavy Storms Lead to Tragic Beaching of Seals in Mossel Bay

Published September 27, 2023
9 months ago

Tragedy struck the tranquil environment of Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay, when more than thirty young seals were found dead, washed ashore following a bout of heavy storms that lashed at the Garden Route over the weekend. The Stranded Marine Animal Rescue Team, led by the dedicated Val Marsh, were the first respondents at the scene.

Marsh confirmed that seal carcasses were not only found at Diaz Beach but were also washing up elsewhere along the coastline. The stormy weather was identified as the primary factor behind this heartbreaking event. These delicate creatures stood no chance against the might of the angry seas that swept them off their safe havens and onto the mainland.

Dr Greg Hofmeyr, a notable seal expert and marine biologist, provided insights into this situation. Speaking to Algoa FM News, Dr Hofmeyr explained that dead seals are not uncommon at the colony. They can frequently get washed off the rocks during turbulent sea conditions, resulting in such sad instances.

The Mossel Bay Municipality took immediate action, promptly initiating clean-up operations and removing the lifeless animals. This unfortunate debacle served as a painful reminder of the effects that extreme weather conditions can inflict on delicate marine life.

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