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Kevin Costner and Rumors: Divorce, Show Exit and 'Yellowstone' Set Pregnancy Gossip - Fact or Fiction?

Published September 27, 2023
9 months ago

Five months ago, Kevin Costner - known for his portrayal in 'Yellowstone', one of TV’s top-rated dramas, represented a picture of steadfast professionalism and respect. Today, however, the public perceives a different landscape. The actor has found himself at the center of heated conversations circling the notion that he plans to leave 'Yellowstone', while simultaneously undergoing divorce proceedings against his wife, Christine Baumgartner. The duo, known for their fairly concealed private lives, were married for a wholesome 18 years.

Adding fuel to this already blazing scenario, the rumor-swirl has amplified with conjectures inviting further curiosity - an unsubstantiated pregnancy emerging from the production set of 'Yellowstone'.

Social media, feeding on the conjecture about Costner’s scheduling conflicts for 'Yellowstone' and speculations around these issues linking to the rumors of an unexpected pregnancy, began painting a dramatic picture. The underpinning evidence for these assumptions remains thin on the ground. Silence from the actor himself and the co-creator of 'Yellowstone' Taylor Sheridan has only served to fan the flames of the rumor furnace.

However, a recent report by TMZ indicates sources closely associated with Costner dismiss these claims vehemently. The set pregnancy rumors have been labeled 'total B.S.', offering a semblance of balance amidst the whirlwind of stories and speculation.

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