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Heavy Rains and Strong Winds Expected: Cape Town Brace Yourself

Published September 25, 2023
9 months ago

Warm greetings to the Cape Town Etc family! This is your exclusive weather forecast for this Monday.

Brace yourselves for a noticeable change in the weather as both the temperature and the weather conditions are set to shift dramatically. Cape Town's rendition of Monday blues comes in the form of heavy downpours and stormy outbreaks, with temperatures expected to peak only at a chilly 17°C and strong wind gusts propelling at speeds of up to 35kph.

Our discounted offers, especially for the Cape Town Etc family, can inspire you with ideas on how to spend the day indoors amid the stormy weather. There are numerous activities that can be done within the comfort of your home, without compromising your safety or health during this inclement weather. To find out how, visit the link here.

As night falls, the inclement weather will maintain its presence. The winds are expected to decrease slightly to 19kph, as the rain and clouds continue to blanket the city in a soothing yet stormy lullaby.

Through the grey clouds, expect the sun to emerge around 6:32am, before dimming its light at 6:44pm.

Stay safe Cape Town Etc family! Despite the stormy weather, continue to explore the beauty of Cape Town and its surroundings. Remember, there are still incredible deals on cars for under R100,000 available. Check out the latest car listings here.

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