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Private Intelligence Files Indicate Real Threats, Says SIU Chief

Published September 24, 2023
9 months ago

In recent developments, the contested private intelligence files dispatched under the supervision of ex-Eskom CEO, André de Ruyter, are gaining conditional acceptance by significant law enforcement establishments. The files are now recognised as useful sources in ongoing investigations on Eskom's internal criminal cartels, as declared by George Fivaz, the chief of the company responsible for the intelligence-gathering operation.

His statement comes in the wake of the parliamentary appearance of the Special Investigating Unit Head, Advocate Andy Mothibi, and the head of the Hawks, Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya, on 12 September. The assembly confirm the files' value and their potential in aiding ongoing and necessary investigations.

Mothibi emphasized the significance of the intelligence files and the need for meticulous scrutiny. The SIU and Hawks categorised the files' content into 54 main themes, with 22 falling under the SIU mandate while the remaining 32 are designated to the Hawks.

Analysis to comprehend the linkage of these reports is underway, initiated by tracing persons implicated by individual reports, by Lebeya. Several illicit operations are also under the spotlight, tied to the files, including the sabotage of key Eskom infrastructure, procurement fraud and corruption, and involvement in the "coal mafia".

The cautious handling and intensive examination of the highly confidential material demonstrate the potential efficacy and relevance of Fivaz intelligence files. Despite hesitations owing to potential political interference or delay in actions, the seriousness of the files cannot be undermined.

Mothibi reiterated on the “unauthorised” nature of the Fivaz intelligence files while discussing the former CEO's possible breach due to the commissioning of a private investigation. These allegations are based on assumptions, offering a different perspective by highlighting a history of non-cooperation with security agencies. The former interim chair of Eskom, Professor Malegapuru Makgoba, attests that De Ruyter reported the issue and corroborated the former CEO's actions and consequent steps.

In conclusion, the alleged inconsistencies and the tumultuous background surrounding the Fivaz intelligence files make conclusive solutions difficult. Nonetheless, diligent law enforcement teams are breaking ground in their quest, having established sufficient proof to testify the intelligence files' seriousness and utility.

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