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City Power Collaborates with Local Communities to Reinforce Security of Mini Substations

Published September 25, 2023
9 months ago

In a bid to stem the rising incidents of theft and vandalism, City Power, the electricity and infrastructure-providing entity of Johannesburg, has rallied local communities to its cause, securing 45 mini substations (MSS) in Roodepoort. The trend of theft in Roodepoort has delivered a crippling economic blow, with the city replacing 21 MSSs in just two months, costing over R14m.

The initiative, a part of the utility's integrated electricity network infrastructure strategy, involves the community in safeguarding the city's invaluable electricity network infrastructure. City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, emphasized the long-term nature of the enterprise as one that would foster partnerships with local communities, businesses, and other stakeholders to collectively combat crime.

The programme identifies hotspot areas where the infrastructure is repaired, reinforced, and fortified with security measures. Communication between the City Power risk management team and local neighbourhood watch forums, law enforcement agencies, and security companies lays the foundation of the strategy, integrating community vigilance with organised efforts to deter crime and protect the infrastructure.

Despite a progressive increase in crime during the 2022/23 financial year, the successful implementation of the programme and increased community participation has seen over 30 arrests. However, Mangena urges residents to remain vigilant and scrutinise individuals claiming to be City Power technicians or contractors, further bolstering local defences against crime.

In addition to strengthening infrastructural security, City Power has amped up its 'disconnect operations' in a severe crackdown against recurring defaulters. Acting CEO, Stanley Shabangu, spearheaded the initiative in Midrand, targeting businesses and residential customers with significant pending dues, a crucial step in the utility's concerted drive to escalate revenue collection and enforce payment compliance.

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