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Putin Accepts Invitation to Visit North Korea Amidst Western Condemnation

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

In the midst of Western ridicule, Russian President Vladimir Putin has exhibited his acumen for diplomatic strategic play once more, by ‘gratefully accepting’ an invitation to visit North Korea. This development unfolded during a meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, held on Wednesday.

The bilateral meeting saw Putin and Kim discuss at length their mutual relations. This conversation becomes increasingly more pivotal considering the current, unprecedented international scenario wherein North Korea's relations with the United States, among other Western countries, remain in unsteady waters.

Undoubtedly, Putin's decision to accept Kim's invitation sends a reverberating message across the global political sphere that Russia continues to support North Korea against a backdrop of Western opposition. Furthermore, it confirms Russia’s steadfast stance on strengthening its diplomatic relations with North Korea.

The leaders’ rendezvous did more than just firm mutual bonds. It sent a conspicuous message to the Western world, implicitly reminding them of Russia's formidable position on the global stage. This strategic move by Putin plays out conspicuously against the international political chessboard, more so considering the timing amidst Western condemnation of North Korean policies.

The actual visit date remains to be announced, subject to further planning and diplomatic coordination between both countries.

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