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Stage 6 Load Shedding by Eskom: Six Tips from the Expert to Keep You Prepared

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

On Tuesday night, Eskom, South Africa's troubled power utility provider, upgraded its load-shedding schedule to Stage 6. This decision is due to delays in getting operational units back to service at Kendal, Matla, and Matimba power stations. Eskom has assured the public that further updates will be communicated promptly if any significant changes occur.

The implications of higher stages of load shedding involve potential rotational power cuts, equipment damage due to power surges, and crime increase due to malfunctioning security systems. Considering this situation, MiWay Insurance's head of customer experience, Greta Goosen, outlined six useful tips on safeguarding both property and personal safety during power outages.

Beginning with security measures, Goosen emphasized the importance of a backup power source that can sustain electric fences or alarm systems during extensive power cuts. This is crucial as criminals might exploit these situations when the blackout undermines security systems. It is also equally important to remain vigilant of surroundings during a power outage, particularly when entering or leaving your home.

Load shedding can also bear an increased risk of fire damage since households rely more on candlelight or gas for lighting, heating, or cooking. Therefore, homeowners should verify if their insurance covers fire or gas-related explosion damages.

Additionally, households should be equipped with the knowledge of manually operating electronic gates or garage doors in case of power blackouts. Lastly, Goosen advised to be mindful of the contents of your insurance policy and to seek clarification from insurers to understand the coverage details related to power surge damages.

She further advised homeowners on how to expedite the insurance claim process for load shedding-related incidents, directing them to familiarize themselves with their policy schedule and report any crime-related incident promptly to the South African Police Service.

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