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Tshwane Council Holds Virtual Meeting to Halt Physical Fights Amongst Councillors

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Recent chaotic scenes and physical clashes between DA (Democratic Alliance) and EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) councilors during a conventional meeting have led the Tshwane council to adapt to the digital platform for their proceedings on Tuesday. Speaker Mncedi Ndzwanana voiced strong condemnation against such violent episodes, extending an appeal to all council members to agree and work in harmony for the welfare of residents.

The speaker emphasised the council’s critical role in delivering service to the people, stating that the standard has been undermined currently due to the rising conflict amongst representatives.

However, the switch to an online meeting has been fervently opposed by EFF citing issues of load-shedding and connectivity hindrances that hamper full participation. Godwin Ratikwane, the EFF's council chief whip, alleged that the speaker resorted to a virtual session to protect the executive, avoiding accountability due to pressure from the DA-led mayoral committee. He reiterated the EFF’s stand against online meetings as a means to evade answerability.

During the previous meeting, the EFF led a protest solidarity stand with the workers against the municipality, which escalated into a brawl with the DA members. Even though the speaker dismissed all accusations, he revealed that the councillors were discussing a report by the mayor on the state of affairs in Tshwane before the altercation.

The council’s agenda includes discussion on the executive's nonsubmission of financial statements to the Auditor-General, the Bargaining Council ruling ordering the city to provide wage hikes for its workers, and the reinstatement of laid-off employees after the impending strike action in the capital city.

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