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R160 Million Spent on Ousting Busisiwe Mkhwebane, MP's Blame Her Stalingrad Campaign

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

In an expenditure that has raised both eyebrows and public concern, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, formerly holding the title of Public Protector, has been ousted from office. This dismissal has allegedly cost taxpayers a staggering R160 million and members of parliament are blaming Mkhwebane's contentious Stalingrad litigation campaign for this gross expenditure.

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Annelie Lotriet, addressed the National Assembly earlier this week, contending that Mkhwebane’s behaviour during the section 194 inquiry into her suitability to maintain office can be described as nothing less than "a gross and reckless abuse of taxpayers' money."

Unapologetic about her ‘Stalingrad defence strategy’, Mkhwebane sunk millions into fighting every battle and wasting government resources rather than acknowledging her faults and stepping down from her duties. This strategy has led to her downfall, further deepening the country's debt and has left parliamentarians feeling frustrated and citizens of the country feeling aggrieved.

This controversial dismissal has sparked heated debates in South Africa's political landscape, and has called into question the management of public funds by government officials, the accountability of public servants and the process of removing an individual in a constitutional position.

All these factors have caused the dismissal of Mkhwebane to be not only a story of financial concern, but it has also turned into a narrative revealing deep-seated issues within South Africa’s political and legal landscapes.

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