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"Outlaws": The Awe-Inspiring Show Grappling With Real Issues in Mzansi Society

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

High-quality local content has taken centre stage, remarkably shaping the streaming space in South Africa. In the light of the recent FAME Week Africa, the focus on home-grown content has been earmarked as the holy grail of leading streaming platforms.

This week witnessed the arrival of "Outlaws" on Showmax, a home-grown TV series that probes the deep-seated issues in our society. The series mirrors the ingenious storytelling techniques reminiscent of the 80s hit shows like “Dallas” and “Dynasty”; where honour-bound legacy stories and family conflicts were the epicenter of the narrative.

Reflecting on the primary elements of the series, it vividly encapsulates a unique genre of modern-day Western which sets it apart from conventional local TV content. Produced by Tshedza Pictures, the series is a testament to the quality of local content being produced in South Africa.

Unveiling the plot, “Outlaws” explores the rivalry between the Zulu Biyela clan, cattle farmers, and the Ts’eoles, notorious cattle-raiding Basotho. This narrative is placed within the context of the ubiquitous issue of cattle theft that has been terrorizing farming communities in South Africa. It brings to light a war that has been largely absent from popular culture despite its significant impact on rural life.

South African skies and landscapes provide the backdrop for the sweeping cinematography, immersing viewers in the originality of African landscapes. The narrative is delicately layered to capture the intricacies of the storyline and the complex characters. Complementing this is an exceptional cast which vividly brings these characters to life.

“Outlaws” is a resounding endorsement of the quality of local content being created in South Africa, portraying spatially and thematically diverse perspectives that resonate with viewers worldwide.

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