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Oudtshoorn Learner Receives Suspended Sentence Following Mugging Incident

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Consistent with the decision of Oudtshoorn Regional Court, a Grade 11 learner was handed a suspended sentence after robbing a 64-year-old man of his wallet. The young individual, precisely aged 20, committed the crime last week, relieving the elderly civilian of his wallet containing over R400.

Courthouse protocols dictated the imposition of a fine amounting to R60,000 or conversely, a three-year imprisonment. This sentence, though, was suspended for a five year duration under a strict rule: he must refrain from committing any act of robbery during this suspension phase. National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila further stated that the court rendered the convict unfit to own a firearm and promptly obligated him to repay the stolen sum to the victim.

The court also issued an advisory to the young offender to return to his academic pursuits, persist until graduation, and to avoid indulging in any future criminal activities.

Oudtshoorn community activist Leon Campher expressed deep-seated worry over the escalating crime rate among the local young populace, attributing it remotely to substance addiction issues. "Parents and schools are battling," Campher shared, insisting that community cooperation is necessary to combat criminal tendencies among their youth, rather than solely relying on law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Patric Solomons, the director of Molo Songololo, stressed the importance of holding youth accountable for their actions. He held a viewpoint that learners of Grade 11 demographic understand the distinction between righteousness and criminality, therefore should be held criminally liable should they be proven guilty, including this specific case where a suspended sentence was deemed suitable.

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