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Gauteng-based Armormax Unveils Armoured Mini Countryman, Reimagining Vehicle Security

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

In a vehicle security breakthrough, Randburg situated Armormax, a leading provider of armoured vehicles, debuts an armoured Mini Countryman. This innovation defies the long-held belief that armoured cars need to be enormous, heavyweight vehicles.

The Mini Countryman, an urban crossover circulated under the BMW Group SA, has been endowed with level B4 protection, which is capable of withstanding the force of a .44 Magnum. The comprehensive remodeling includes armor-cladding of all door panels, pillars and exposed areas using lightweight ballistic composites, thereby ensuring a robust barrier safeguarding drivers and passengers against any potential threats.

Michael Broom, Armormax's Marketing Manager, conveyed that the customer who commissioned the armoured Mini Countryman rebuild has a penchant for the protective feature in diverse car types. This decision is mostly driven by personal safety needs, with the car's type and model acting as an additional point of interest.

Despite the addition of a 170kg protection kit, Armormax ensures that there's no discernible impact on the 450Nm and 225kW performance or driving dynamics. The armour comes at an added cost of R740,000 to the original sticker price of R918,644.

Armormax's newly armoured Mini Countryman remains the only armoured Mini vehicle in South Africa. In addition, Armormax has established a unique model with BMW Group SA, as an armored car's warranty is held in a suspensive state following modification.

That indicates that the dealer network can identify these modified vehicles and pay particular attention to them when scrutinizing for damage. The reason for the damage will be determined as whether it's caused by vehicle modifications or results from typical wear and tear.

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