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Xiluva's Bongani Baloyi: Charting a Unique Course in South African Politics

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Bongani Baloyi, one of South Africa's promising political prodigies, whose career path has spanned the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Action SA, is now leading his own political outfit, Xiluva. In an interview with Alec Hogg of BizNews.com, Baloyi candidly reflected upon his political career trajectory and shared his vision for Xiluva.

The name Xiluva, derived from the undervalued Tsonga language, means 'flower', an apt representation of the party's birth as a 'gift' to the nation. This choice of a Tsonga name underscores Baloyi's commitment to embracing and promoting South Africa's rich heritage and diversity.

Beginning his political career as Midvaal's executive mayor at a tender age of 26, Baloyi left an indelible mark with his efficient administration, demonstrated in seven clean audits. However, internal dynamics and vision misalignment led him to leave the DA and join Herman Mashaba's Action SA as the provincial head for Gauteng. Differences with Mashaba eventually motivated Baloyi to carve out his own political path with Xiluva.

Baloyi's unique attire, complete with a leopard skin headband, serves as a powerful visual representation of his African identity and values. Stone set on preserving and embracing heritage, Baloyi upholds the importance of personal and public identity reconciliation, without forfeiting his cultural roots.

His decision to venture into politics is fueled by the firm belief of politics being a pivotal instrument to substantially shape the society and the economy. Xiluva, primarily attracting the younger demographic along with parents and grandparents, zeroes in on prevalent issues such as high unemployment rates, particularly affecting the youth.

To sustain the party's operations, Baloyi has poured in around 230,000 rands from his personal funds, apart from nominal membership fees and financial contributions from party members.

Xiluva's immediate objective is to garner 15% of registered voters per province, a key requirement from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). Achieving this milestone is vital for demonstrating Xiluva's grassroots connect and establishing its credibility.

Baloyi's journey from DA to Action SA and eventually to Xiluva illustrates his unflinching dedication to his values and vision for South Africa. A an ambitious player in the political realm, Baloyi's march with Xiluva is expected to have considerable ramifications on the political landscape leading upto the 2024 elections.

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