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Dismissed From 'Yellowstone': Kevin Costner Speaks Out

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Celebrity actor, Kevin Costner unexpectedly shed light on his sudden departure from the hit TV show 'Yellowstone', during an unrelated court hearing on Friday. Costner revealed that the decision for his leaving the acclaimed Western series was not of his accord and implied that he may take legal action regarding the unfortunate circumstances.

Costner's disclosure surfaced while he was testifying during a child support hearing convened as part of his divorce case against Christine Costner, his estranged wife of 18 years. This hearing was aimed at determining the child support payment that Christine Costner would receive each month. The actor aims to significantly reduce the proposed sum, indicating that it is markedly steep.

A courtroom insider revealed that Costner's testimony reflected heavily on the 68-year-old actor's financial status, and the substantial sums he has made in recent years. Christine intends to get the judge on her side, aiming to receive $161,592 per month for child support. She argues that this amount is required to give their three kids a luxurious lifestyle similar to what they experience while in their father's care.

Kevin Costner's significant earnings were primarily due to 'Yellowstone'. While testifying, Costner revealed that he had initially intended to complete Seasons 5 and 6 of the series, with each season bringing in $12 million. However, production schedules experienced shifts, much to Costner's disappointment, prompting him to defend his position, explaining this was past, not future income.

Reports indicate Costner was comfortable with shooting last fall, but incomplete scripts for 'Yellowstone' delayed the shooting schedule. In response, Costner adjusted his timetable for Horizon, a multi-film passion project. Despite continuous negotiations with the studio, they could not reach an agreement, citing "creative differences".

Rumours were rife that there existed friction between the Yellowstone creator, Taylor Sheridan and Costner. However, Sheridan dismissed such speculations stating that scheduling challenges, not personal issues, encumbered Costner's role in the series.

Meanwhile, Kevin Costner's personal life is also under the glaring court spotlight. Questions arose about his estranged wife's potential lifestyle after divorce and what fair compensation would look like. All this as Christine Costner feels she deserves a home similar to Kevin's Beach Compound.

Kevin Costner has asked the court to consider a more reasonable child support payment - around $60,000 per month. The final decision on the matter is expected shortly.

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