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A Journey through History: Significant Events on September 1

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

September 1 has seen an eclectic mix of events ranging from historical postal innovations to seismic tremors, political upheaval, world records, and cultural shifts.

In 1853, the Cape Colony, now South Africa, made postal history by issuing the world's first triangular postal stamps, making them the first stamps in Africa. This day in 1873 saw Cetshwayo ascend the Zulu throne following his father, Mpande's, death. Alas, his reign was cut short when Britain banished him in 1879, and split Zululand into 13 chiefdoms, each under a British Resident.

In the realm of literature, September 1,1952 marked the publication of Ernest Hemingway’s notable novel, 'The Old Man and the Sea'.

A leap to 1974 marks the record-breaking flight by the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane from New York to London in a swift 1 hour, 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds, a record it still holds today.

South African boxing triumphs also found their place in history on this day. In 2000, Dingaan Thobela captured the World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight title.

Over in Europe, in 2021, football star Cristiano Ronaldo shattered the world record for goals scored in men's international football, scoring his 110th and 111th goals for Portugal in a 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over the Republic of Ireland.

Also noteworthy is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account hack in 2019, which raised questions on technology and security.

A mélange of events in history, September 1 encapsulates political, cultural, and sport-related milestones.

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