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Cape Town Community Demands Justice for Woman Injured by Police Vehicle

Published March 30, 2024
1 months ago

A harrowing incident has shaken the community of Capricorn in Cape Town after Nolwazi Tokhwe was struck by a police van on the night of March 23rd, leading to significant injuries, including a broken pelvis and a potential need for long-term wheelchair use. The incident occurred as law enforcement attempted to disperse a crowd at a local street party, resulting in not only Tokhwe's harm but also the firing of rubber bullets into the panicked crowd.

Victim Nolwazi Tokhwe, currently being treated at Victoria Hospital, recounts that the police van came "out of nowhere" in the dark as she was about to cross the road, leaving her injured on the pavement while police failed to assist her. Her arm was injured, bandaged, and she lies in bed consumed by pain.

Witnesses describe the scene as chaotic, with police exhibiting reckless driving and aggressive crowd control methods. The identity of the officer driving the van is known to Tokhwe and the community, and she accuses him of abuse of power—one of several complaints that locals have raised against him. Tokhwe plans to file a case against the officer in question, hoping for justice.

The community response has been swift and determined. Approximately forty individuals from Capricorn and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) representatives marched to Muizenberg police station, demanding an investigation. Anger has been mounted over the perceived inaction by police to address the offending officer's conduct.

Muizenberg police, as noted by spokesperson Wesley Twigg, have opened an investigation into reckless and negligent driving and public violence related to the events. However, details on further actions regarding the officer involved remain undisclosed.

This event and the public outcry highlight ongoing issues with policing and community relations in South Africa, as residents yearn for accountability and transparent investigations when confrontations lead to civilian harm.

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