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Israel Confirms Killing of Senior Hamas Commander Marwan Issa in Recent Gaza Airstrike

Published March 27, 2024
1 months ago

In a significant development in the ongoing Gaza conflict, the Israeli military has confirmed the death of senior Hamas commander Marwan Issa. The announcement, made by Israel's Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari in a televised statement, claims that Issa was eliminated in an Israeli airstrike approximately two weeks earlier—a fact previously unconfirmed by Israel, although reported last week by the United States.

Marwan Issa, recognized as the deputy military commander of Hamas, had been a high-value target for the Israeli forces. He served directly under Mohammed Deif, who leads the militant group's military wing—the Qassam Brigades. The Israeli military had previously targeted Issa in a strike aimed at an underground facility in central Gaza around March 9-10.

With no immediate reaction from Hamas to the confirmation of Issa's death, the area remains tense as this military action marks a pivotal moment in the Israeli-Hamas confrontation. Israel has been clear about its intentions, vowing to locate and eliminate top figures such as Yahya Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, who remain at large.

The news arises amidst a broader context of violence and humanitarian crisis, with the United Nations Security Council recently passing a resolution urging an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The enclave's situation remains dire, with Palestinian health officials reporting upwards of 32,000 deaths and staggering levels of internal displacement surpassing 90 percent of Gaza’s 2.3 million population.

Al Jazeera's reporting has highlighted the persistent Israeli objective to dismantle Hamas leadership, a notion challenged by analysts who question the long-term effectiveness of such tactics. Despite the loss of leaders like Issa, Hamas has consistently demonstrated resilience, consistently replenishing its ranks and leadership.

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